Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

cbd oil for anxiety

Disclaimer: This article references benefits of CBD based on other studies & articles. Just4Life Products does not claim that its products have any health or medical benefits.

There has been  major shift in attitudes towards cannabis use in the US, with many states making marijuana legal and CBD legal in almost all states (except four states). Cannabidiol is just one of more than 104 chemicals found in cannabis, and is central to CBD oil. According to NetDoctor, CBD can improve the health of users. The benefits include their positive impact on those suffering from anxiety and social disorders.

Although FDA has yet to approve CBD oil and related products, the amount of research backing the use of hemp or CBD is substantial. Many studies have shown the benefits of CBD for different health conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, pain and more.

Medical News Today reports a 2010 study into the use of CBD oil that revealed this naturally produced chemical was able to change the way the human body moves blood and chemicals to the brain. CBD was shown to bind to brain receptors and change the way the user handles anxiety, with further studies showing hemp oil can be used as an anti-depressant.

There are far more benefits that CBD has to offer to many health conditions other than anxiety and social anxiety disorders. The recently approved Farm Bill has made CBD federally legal so this opens up the way for more studies and trials. We should see CBD in the mainstream soon. Already major soda companies are in talks with some CBD brands to acquire them. We will see major retailers carry CBD products on their shelves within 1-2 years.